How to Dress Up for Your Birthday in 2014

A holiday tradition that started in 2009 with a T-Shirt for your reception uniform has evolved into a new trend for many employees today.

Here are the latest tips for dressing up for the big day.1.

Keep it casual2.

Wear something that will not be considered too formal3.

Wear a dress with a matching shirt, or a skirt4.

Wear an overalls5.

Don’t let the weather spoil your fun.


Make sure you have an idea of what you want to wear.7.

Dress as if you are going to be in a restaurant for the first time.


Dress to impress.


Dress like a businesswoman or a starlet.10.

Don a pair of white shoes, black boots, and white gloves.11.

Dress your hair as if it is your favorite color.12.

Dress the way you think your favorite celebrities would dress.13.

Wear your favorite accessories14.

Dress for the weather.15.

Take time to think about the occasion.16.

Go to a place where your family and friends can be there.17.

Make your own decorations.18.

Get the latest in fashion and style.19.

Take a moment to think of a moment from your life.20.

Have a photo booth.21.

Get dressed up for your next event.22.

Wear some cute makeup.23.

Get a tattoo.24.

Take on a new persona and make your own fashion statement.25.

Put on a good show.26.

Show off your skills.27.

Wear this hat or dress it up with a hat and a shirt.28.

Wear that black t-shirt or jacket.29.

Wear those black shorts.30.

Take some time to remember your favorite holiday traditions.31.

Take the time to read a poem or read a magazine.32.

Make a photo album with your favorite quotes.33.

Take photos of yourself.34.

Make some holiday memories with friends and family.35.

Take pictures of family photos.36.

Take your photo at the mall or with your kids.37.

Put up a holiday display.38.

Make up a photo for your boss.39.

Take pics with your best friend.40.

Wear these adorable accessories.41.

Make the perfect outfit.42.

Wear the perfect shirt or jacket to work.43.

Wear it at the office.44.

Make an outfit that your kids and friends will love.45.

Make outfits that your friends and loved ones will like.46.

Make something a holiday tradition for yourself.47.

Get some fun ideas for the party.48.

Put your family or friends to work for your birthday.49.

Have fun and dress up!50.

Have some fun and get ready for your new year!

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