How the Olympics will change your life at home and in the field

Recode is now live on the Recode website.

The company announced today that it will now offer the first ever uniform designed specifically for athletes.

“We designed the Olympic uniforms for athletes to represent their unique personalities and values,” said Dan Stessel, CEO of Nike, in a statement.

“These uniforms are for athletes who want to represent the best of the Olympic Games, and they’re a perfect fit for our brand.”

The new uniform, designed by American sports apparel company Nike, will debut in Rio de Janeiro on August 5.

The Nike Olympic Uniforms will feature: a white-and-black uniform with black detailing, reflective piping and an athletic collar and cuff.

The new Nike Olympic uniforms will also feature the logos for the Nike Training Academy and Nike Health and Fitness.

Nike says the new uniforms are designed for “the ultimate athletes: the ones who embody the spirit of the Olympics, and the ones whose passion for the sport is unmatched by any other.”

The Nike Olympics uniforms will be available for pre-order on and at Nike’s retail stores starting on August 6.

Nike’s announcement comes after Adidas announced it would discontinue its Olympic apparel from September.

Adidas also announced today it is discontinuing its Rio 2016 uniforms and will be transitioning to the new Nike Sports Performance Academy uniforms in 2018.

“Nike is dedicated to creating the best gear for our athletes, our teams and our fans, and we are excited to launch the new Olympic uniforms,” said Steve Rosenthal, Nike’s senior vice president of global business development and chief marketing officer.

“As we head into the next phase of the Games, we’re taking a look at the ways that the brand has grown and innovated, and looking forward to creating a uniform that reflects that evolution.”

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