T-shirts that fit in a pocket

T-Shirts that fit into your pocket can save you money, according to a new study.

The study by the Consumer Reports website found that a T-shaped pattern on a t-shirt can save customers money on their next visit to a store, and a single T-square on a shirt can save them on their third visit.

The researchers compared the cost savings to the price of a regular shirt.

The T-Square cost $2.50 at Target.

That was less than half of the $2 to $3 savings that a single square of fabric could offer.

The research team found that customers are also more likely to find shirts with a T shape, but not as often as with the square.

For instance, the T-squares on the T shirt cost a little more than half the price at Macy’s.

The findings are based on data collected by the company’s Customer Relationship Management system, which measures customer behavior and then provides insights into the purchasing decisions of shoppers.

Target spokeswoman Angela Hays said the company has seen a “significant shift” in how customers shop.

“We want to keep our customers’ needs and values at the forefront of our stores and our purchasing process,” she said in a statement.

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