Woman says ‘I want to be a princess’ but still wants to wear a dress

DALLAS (CNN) A woman who works in the office for the largest nursing home in Texas says she wants to be known as the princess, but that she still wants her uniform T-shirt.

“I want people to think of me as a princess.

I want people not to think that I’m a princess,” said Barbara Doss, who works at the Dallas Nursing Home, a nonprofit group.

Barbara Doss at her home.

Doss says she’s a proud mother and wants people to know that she cares about her staff.

She said she’s never wanted to dress up like a princess or wear a tiara.

But she is proud of the uniform T’s she wears.

Dross says her sister was the first person to wear one when she was young.

“My sister wears one to school, and she’s like, ‘Mom, you’re wearing the dress,'” she said.

Doss, a registered nurse, says she hopes the uniform will make her feel like a more accepted member of the nursing staff.

“People don’t know me because of the way I look, and I want to help make them realize that, too,” Doss said.

“I’m just a nurse and I’m here to help people.”

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