When you can get a free vacation in America, but you’re still in debt

The United States is spending $1 trillion per year on the military.

The problem is that our military has been spending money like a cancerous tumor.

We’ve spent billions of dollars to fix a system that has no real future.

We have to fix this, and the problem is we’re in debt.

And we’re going to continue to pay for it because the American people are going to bail us out when we can’t fix the problems in our system.

We are spending $2 trillion per day on our military, yet we’re spending $5 trillion a day on social programs like Medicare and Social Security.

We can’t afford to do that.

We need to be in debt and we have to get serious about fixing our broken system.

You don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck.

I don’t think it’s fair that we have people in this country that have $30,000 in debt who are struggling to make ends meet.

That is not right.

I think it is the single biggest problem in our economy right now, but I think we have a chance to change it.

That’s what this campaign is all about.

We’re going on a road trip with a ton of celebrities and we’re traveling all over the country.

We will take them to places like New Hampshire, Michigan, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

We’ll go to places where you might think it might be hard to find a job, like Indiana and Kentucky.

We think we can fix the system, and we can get this country moving again.

Let’s get to work.

Reporter: And as a bonus, we’ll also be taking you to a small town in California.

Reporter : We’re taking you on a little trip to the small town of Westland, California.

We get to spend some time with local kids who’ve had their lives changed by the military’s deployment to Iraq.

Reporter and host: Westland is a small, rural town on the Oregon coast, in a community of about 30,000.

Reporter Sarah Binder: You have a little town with no schools.

Reporter, Sarah Bindorff: And they have this beautiful office that they have installed.

Reporter Andrew J. Koehler: And it’s not just for the military, it’s for the whole community.

It’s a little community center.

Reporter Joe Munch: I think the people are very excited about it.

Reporter Binder and Koehlner: And then, the next stop is the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was just over a year ago that Donald Trump, who has been running on a platform of rebuilding our military and reducing the debt, won the Nevada Republican primary.

And in the weeks leading up to the primary, Donald Trump was campaigning heavily in the state.

And then he went on a tour of the military base, the Air Force Academy, and he talked about how we should have a system where if you have a child, we would take them and train them in the Air National Guard and that we should pay them the minimum wage.

He talked about lowering the tuition, and I think a lot of people were surprised to see that the base actually had to close because of the recession.

But Donald Trump won the election and his campaign was all about this big, beautiful military base.

Reporter Munch and Kuehlner spent the next several days touring the base and talking to soldiers.

What does Donald Trump think about the base?

And what are his plans for the future of the base, and what are the military plans for his own kids?

What is his vision for the base after his presidential campaign?

He wants to make it bigger and stronger.

And that’s what we’ll do.

Reporter Kuehler: He’s also promised to bring back jobs, which he claims would bring back good paying jobs in the military that were lost when the military bases closed.

The people that worked at the base before the base closed, they’ve been brought back and they’re back working and they can get their degrees.

Reporter Janae Hochstein: And he’s promised that his military budget will be higher than George W. Bush’s, because it’s going to be $5,000 a day, but that’s still not enough to pay all the military families.

Reporter John Dickerson: I want to make sure we get the full picture on the Trump campaign’s plans.

You know, he has said that he’s going up and down the escalators in the elevator and that’s not something that he would do, but he has promised to make a massive increase in the Pentagon’s budget.

And he has a big agenda for the next four years.

Reporter Jane Mayer: His biggest promise is to spend $1.6 trillion to rebuild our military.

And the first step in that plan is getting rid of the Pentagon, and that has become a big part of Donald Trump’s campaign

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