Which of the Trump presidency’s garments is best?

A few items have caught the eye of the president’s critics.

In February, he issued an executive order banning the importation of certain garments, such as “military uniforms” and “military-style clothing.”

He also recently ordered the Department of Defense to suspend production of the Air Force’s new helmet, a design that has sparked fierce opposition from some members of Congress.

The Trump administration has also ordered the Pentagon to halt its new helmet design, with the Air Guard saying it would have to wait for approval from the Defense Department before it can proceed.

The decision came as the Pentagon is reviewing the helmet’s design and the Air Defense Command (ADC) was investigating the design.

The Pentagon said in a statement that it is currently evaluating its helmet design and will make a final decision once it has completed a comprehensive study.

The Pentagon also said that the helmet is in the process of being re-designed and will be completed in a manner that meets the standards for full compliance with DOD’s requirements.

But the White House has repeatedly said that this review is not complete and that the decision is not to require the helmet to meet new standards.

The White House also has threatened to withhold millions of dollars in military assistance from countries that have not agreed to adopt new standards for their helmets.

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