Which of these clothes are the best in Indian design?

Indian men’s designer T.B.S. Raghavan was born in Kerala, the capital city of Kerala, India.

He started his career at a tailor shop in Ernakulam, the southern state of Kerala.

He moved to Mumbai in 1965 and worked at the prestigious designer firm of Gault & Macquarie.

In 1971, he opened his own shop and it was there that he started working in fashion design.

After working in Paris, Paris made him the head of the department in the fashion department at the department store.

He also founded a new department in New York City.

From there, he moved to Milan, Italy, where he worked at his own design studio, Bottega.

In 1984, he joined the company where he is still in charge of the design and development of the brand.

In 1986, he founded T-Shirts and Spas.

Nowadays, T-shirts and spas are a major source of income for the company.

They are also used for the wedding party, birthday party, or the office parties of many large companies.

In 1990, he launched the Bottego-made designer clothing line.

T-shirts, spas and suits have evolved over the years.

Today, T.shirts are available in all sizes, from the regular size to the very popular and expensive premium sizes.


Shirts are made from soft cotton fabric with a soft and comfortable feel.

They come in different colours, such as white, blue, green, brown, pink and orange.

They have a soft cloth that can be washed and dried.

The spas can be made from any material including leather, wool, silk, and cotton.

They can be worn for formal occasions, such in wedding parties, birthday parties, or corporate events.

The fabrics of the shirts can be dyed, printed, or printed on.

They do not require ironing, and are very comfortable.

The range of T-Tees is also growing with more and more designers coming up with new and innovative designs.

The Bottegos range has also been expanding with new designs for every customer, including men, women, men and women’s, as well as for younger customers.

For more information about the B.S., visit www.bottego.com or www.theshirtsandspas.com

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