How to make your own silk dress from scratch

AUSTRALIA’S first silk dress manufacturer has launched its first ever sewing restaurant uniform, as it continues to grow its business amid a downturn in the apparel industry.

The first sewing restaurant is located at the Melbourne Hotel in Carlton, with the first customer expected in December.

The new uniform will be worn by the staff at the newly opened Spa Dress Factory, where customers will get to wear a dress made from silk fabric and linen.

The dress is a custom made garment and is being created in collaboration with a range of silk manufacturers and designers.

A spokesman for Spa said the fabric was sourced locally and imported from around the world, including France.

“The fabric is sourced from an Italian silk mill and is manufactured by the Spa dress factory in Carlton,” the spokesman said.

“Each garment is handmade, hand-stitched and sewn in our factory.”

We believe this is a unique way of creating a distinctive dress.

“The Spa Fashion Factory is one of more than 200 sewing restaurants across Australia that are expected to open this year.

Mr Smith, from Melbourne’s Westfield shopping centre, said it was an exciting time for the company.”

I’m very proud of the quality of the work we do, and the quality that comes from our team,” he said.

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