‘Hang on, I’m in my uniform’

I was wearing my uniform.

I was not supposed to wear it.

But I had to.

When I first arrived in Ireland, I was told that I was a guard, that I had been sent here to keep the peace.

I knew it was untrue.

I had no intention of doing that.

So I took off my uniform, put on my uniform and went home.

The guards had been told I would not be allowed to wear my uniform because I was part of the ‘Irish Defence Force’.

That is the military.

I’ve always been proud of my service.

But at the end of the day, I don’t believe I was ever sent here as part of an army.

It is a joke.

But then I saw a TV programme, ‘The Real World’ about the Irish Defence Forces.

It was a real-life story.

The Irish Defence Force is a group of soldiers who go to war to protect the country.

When you look at the picture of a man in his uniform, the whole world smiles at you.

When they saw me, they were all laughing and they were saying, ‘Good luck, we’re all going to be in the same boat.’

It is not just the Irish.

All over the world, people are telling you that you are not a soldier, you are a policeman.

It’s not true.

I have a very simple message for you, if you think you are part of something that is not supposed, just remember that.

The only thing you are doing is playing with fire.

If you think that you should not have to wear a uniform, you have to look at yourself.

If I had my way, I would be wearing a white shirt and black pants and not a uniform.

It would make me look more like a policeman, and that would help me win people over.

But that would mean I would have to give up some freedoms.

I will not give up freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom to choose my own religion, freedom from any form of discrimination.

I would want people to realise that they are not doing anything illegal.

I know the people of this country have a lot of problems, but it is the job of the government to help people, not the other way round.

You can have your beliefs and you can have a free speech, but you cannot go around saying, “You are not welcome here.”

You have to learn to adapt.

When it comes to the issue of the hijab, the issue is much bigger than the Muslim community.

We have a huge problem with this issue.

The whole issue of religious freedom, it is something that we must not forget.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the world who wear the hijab.

When we speak about freedom of religion, the people in Pakistan are saying, if they had freedom of speech, they would be able to do whatever they want.

The hijab, or the veil, is something to do with a religious tradition, something that people have worn for centuries.

This is something we have to respect.

I do not believe we should be saying to people that we are not here to help you.

The majority of Muslims in the UK are Muslim, and we have no problem with that.

We just want to respect their religious beliefs.

But you have got to remember that people who are religious, are not all Muslim.

We do not have a problem with anyone who is a Christian, who is Muslim, who has a Jewish faith, who wants to practice their religion.

We are a secular country.

We want to help those people, and not try to control them.

There is a difference between a Muslim and a Christian.

You have got a lot more in common when it comes with the issue on the hijab and other things.

I can only say that I would like to make sure that everyone in the country understands that there is a huge difference between me and a Muslim.

I love this country and I would never have come to this country without my family.

But we must respect the rights of people to live their own religion and practise their own faith.

We must understand that there are a lot different groups in this country, and the Muslim population is not a group that I am a part of.

There have been many attacks on Muslim women, and this is not acceptable.

I am not going to give in to anybody’s pressure and they are going to do what they want to do.

If they try to tell me that I must not wear a hijab, they are wrong.

We cannot force them to wear something that they do not like.

I want to show the world that there’s not anything wrong with wearing the hijab if it is a choice.

I don:t know what’s wrong with me.

I wear it because it’s my religion, but there are others who wear it and don’t like it.

I also wear it to show that this country is not the same as Pakistan, and I want people who wear this to realise this

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