‘T-shirt for a man who can’t have kids’: Restaurants and bars in the GTA offer ‘T.shirt for dads’ to dads

Restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area are offering T-shirts and posters to dads in the midst of their pregnancy and birth.

T-Shirts with the slogan “Dads need help” are available from a variety of restaurants across the GTA including: the Gourmet Burger & Deli, Bar & Grill, The Brick House, The Brisket, The Diner, The Steakhouse and The Dessert House.

Restaurants can also sell posters with a message such as “Dad needs help” to dads at the bottom of the page, and T-shirts with slogans such as T.shirts for a dad who can not have kids.

The posters feature a silhouette of the dad holding up a “dad” T-shape and are printed on a black T-55C with the word “DAD” in large white letters.

The posters can also be found at the Canadian Tire and Target stores, and the Pizza Hut store in Vaughan.

A message at the top of the poster reads: “DADS NEED HELP.”

T-shirts are also available at some locations of other popular restaurants, including the Red Brick, The Burgers, The Fish & Chips, The Chicken Shack, The Burger Bar and The Bar and Grill.

T shirts are also offered for sale at many Toronto nightclubs, including The Big Room, The Club, The Red Light, The Corner and the The Royal.

The Red Brick also has a T-shaped T-tote on sale for $2.50.

The Burger Bar also sells a T shirt with a “D” in the middle of it for $15.

The Brick House is offering T shirts for dads in its “Maternity T-Stamp” to celebrate the birth of their first child, with the tagline “Daddy needs help.”

The T-STamp can be purchased for $25 from the Brick House’s website.

Bar & Grill offers a T.shirt with a white “Dad needs help,” and the poster for the T-Store.

The T shirt is available at Bar & Grills for $20.

The Steak House offers a “T.

Shirt for Dads” for $10, and a T Shirt for Dad for $12.

The poster for this T shirt reads: T. Shirt For Dad.

T shirts are available at many other places in the city, including: The Pizza Hut in Vaughan, the Brick Factory in Vaughan and The Dairy Queen in Vaughan at the corner of Queen Street West and Queen Street East.

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