How to make a ‘sweatshirt’ from an old sweater

If you’ve ever wondered how a sweater fits on your body, you’re in luck!

A new tutorial from the Sewing Patterns and Making blog has been released, and it’s a fun way to make one from an already-used sweater.

The tutorial, titled ‘Make a Sweatshirt from an Old Sleeve’, teaches the process of sewing a sweater from a sweater and the process to making a sweater that you can buy at your local craft store.

The tutorial is part of the series of Sewing Pattern tutorials from the UK’s leading sewing and fabric company, Soho, which is also the UK manufacturer of the original ‘Sweatshirt’.

The new tutorial shows how to make the sweater with a single skein of yarn, a single-needle, and a double-needled needle.

For the tutorial, the tutorial included photos and diagrams showing how the sweater will fit on a body, with the sleeves pulled up over the shoulders and the waistband being hemmed over. 

You can also see the different pieces of yarn and needle used to sew the sweater together, as well as the instructions for how to pull it all together.

If you’re new to the process, this is a great way to get familiar with the process and the benefits of the new techniques.

This new tutorial has been made available for free to all subscribers.

 If you don’t already subscribe, you can sign up for free here.

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