Spas are getting a new coat of paint

A new coat-of-paint scheme has been unveiled for restaurants, as they prepare to open the new season.

The new coat design is inspired by the uniforms worn by the Italian army in the war against the Ottoman Empire.

A few years ago, the Italian navy introduced the “Bicacchio” coat of arms which features a red sun, surrounded by a white star.

This coat of blue has been inspired by Italian troops and their uniforms.

The coat has also been inspired from the flag of Italy and the coat of Arms of the Italian Republic.

This is the third coat-designs of the season, with the last two being worn in the 2016 Olympics and the World Cup.

“The coat-theory has been born,” said Stefano Vincenzo, the new general director of the Bicacchiotto, the National Association of Bicaccio.

“We’re all familiar with the coat-tory.

It’s the most popular, most emblematic of the five.

The Italian flag and the flag-of Italy are two of the most well-known symbols.

So it was really a natural choice.”

According to the brand’s website, the coat is designed to be the most stylish in Italy.

It has an “all-black color palette and a white logo”.

It’s also the first coat-like design for the Italian economy, with restaurants being the first to receive the new coat, which will be a standard design in restaurants.

“This new coat will help to bring the Italian flag to a new level of visibility,” said Vincengo.

“It will be the symbol of the country and of the state.”

The coat is expected to be introduced in the first quarter of 2018.

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