New Jersey fashion mark: Spa dress

New Jersey’s dressmakers have long been known for their elegant gowns.

Now, however, there is a new trend to the fashion of the day.

New Jersey’s first spa gowns, a stylish new dress from New Jersey-based company Spa Dressworks, is set to be worn this week by Gov.

Chris Christie (R) and members of his Cabinet.

The spa dress is based on a popular designer’s original designs and features a floral design inspired by spa water.

The dress, which is expected to cost between $150 and $250, is expected be worn by the governor and other top administration officials this week.

Spa Dressworks’ new gown will be worn during Christie’s visit to the New Jersey Shore, a source told Medical News Now.

Spas, or “water spa,” dress codes have long existed in New Jersey.

But it’s not uncommon for an entire spa to be named after the spa itself, according to the source.

Spamadvisor, a dating site, has a list of the top 50 spa dressmakers.

The source said Christie will be wearing a $150 spa gown on Monday.

The New Jersey spa dress was inspired by the original Spa Dress Works gowns worn by Christie and his wife, Barbara.

The gowns were worn by former Christie aide Julie Stokes when she was governor.

SparkFun, a digital media agency that specializes in wedding and corporate media, has posted a collection of Christie’s top 5 most memorable and memorable New Jersey wedding dresses.

The gowns featured in the SparkFun collection include Christie’s signature red-and-white wedding gowns that he wore in his 2012 presidential bid and in 2015.

The wedding gown Christie wore in 2012 in the White House is still one of his most memorable dresses.

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