When ‘Spanner’ Gets ‘Spam’ on ‘Frozen’ poster

The word “spam” is usually a good way to describe something that has been sent in an unsolicited email, and it is not unusual to receive spam from someone.

In the case of “Spanners,” however, the word has been used to describe what appears to be a parody of the “Frozen” movie poster.

The image, which has been shared by fans on Twitter and Instagram, features a cartoon of a Disney princess wearing a spandex bikini and sporting a stylized “F” for “frozen.”

The word has also been used in the past to describe images of a real person being “spammed” on the internet.

The caption for the photo reads, “Weirdest, most hilarious Disney poster ever.

If you love Disney, you’ll LOVE this.

Get your ‘frozen’ print at Disney and save!”

The tweet has since been deleted, but a picture of the poster has appeared on Instagram.

The photo includes a number of other parody images from the Disney Parks app.

One user, @louie_savage, has taken to Instagram to post a screenshot of the post.

“This is how you get spam from Disney,” the caption reads.

“We want this poster removed from the #DisneyPark app, so we can send you the message that we won’t spam you anymore.

We’re also sending you a “festival ticket” with your Disneyland ticket number, so you can get the best tickets for your Disney trip.

We want to make sure you know that we’re sending you our spam to show that you care, and that you can be sure we won

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