‘I’m going to be wearing these’ for the second time

The Indian fashion industry is in a state of flux, with brands struggling to find a niche amid an ageing population and a demand for quality products.

The latest move by the government to promote its “Made in India” campaign has sparked a flurry of speculation, with companies looking to capitalize on the buzz.

According to a report by IANS, there are now over 300 brands with official branding and design trademarks for Indian fashion.

The company has launched a new website, which it has dubbed the “Made In India” brand, with more than 70 official brand names, including brands like Zara, Puma, H&M, DHL, and more.

The site offers a range of products and services to cater to the growing fashion industry.

Among the brands offering the “made in India-inspired” service are fashion designer Shreya Patel, and her jewellery company.

The company has been actively targeting millennials, with a series of campaigns targeting them.

The Indian fashion brand’s official logo is a white flower, surrounded by lines representing different aspects of the country.

The website, as with the previous campaigns, is a collaboration between the brand and the designer and also has a series by the same brand.

The company’s website is also offering a collection of jewellery, jewellery accessories, accessories for children, jewellers bags and jewellery watches.

A spokesperson for the company, Gaurav Shastri, told IANS that the company’s efforts are aimed at helping the “millennials, particularly those who are not in fashion, to become fashion designers, designers, fashion-savvy consumers”.

Shastri added that the campaign is not only aimed at young women, but also aimed at people over 50.

Shastrie said the campaign was not the first of its kind, with the company offering similar initiatives in previous years.

“The brand has also been doing the ‘Made in the USA’ campaign,” he said.

The IANS report also claims that the brand is already in talks with major brands including Nike, Uniqlo, and Ralph Lauren to launch a range.

While some fashion industry observers are sceptical about the strategy, Shastris assured that he is not worried about any backlash.

“We are not going to sell out,” he told IAN.

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