Why the Vancouver Canucks are in the market for a new uniforms

The Vancouver Canucks will get a new uniform this season, and while they may not be getting any bigger than what the Vancouver Giants wore in the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, there is some excitement around the brand.

The team announced on Tuesday that it had received “the highest bid” for the new uniforms.

The winning bid was for $1.4 million, and the bid includes a new design, a blue-and-white alternate jersey and a new “Vancouver Pride” logo.

The Canucks have been a staple of the NHL since the 1920s, and have won seven Stanley Cups since their debut in 1993.

The club is also home to the Vancouver-based Pride organization, which is a non-profit and non-player association.

The organization announced its intention to make changes to the team logo, but didn’t give any specifics.

It is also unclear what kind of logo will be used on the uniforms.

The new logo will debut on the Canucks’ home jerseys on Oct. 19.

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