How to get the right garment for your job

You’ve heard it all before: “You should wear the right dress for the job”.

Well, here’s a quick guide to the basics of how to choose the right clothing for your position.

The Globe and Mail asked our fashion experts what they wear to work, to find out.

The answer: a little bit of everything.

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Dress well and professionally, says Diane Rehm, head of retail operations at the retail giant Macy’s.

“You can’t just wear the most flattering dress you can find,” she says.

“The best way to do that is to wear something that you look good in, that is comfortable, and that you feel good in.

It’s a lot more subtle than people think.”

For the job market, Rehm says the top consideration is how the outfit fits you.

“A skirt that’s too low or too high will make you look unprofessional and unprofessional-looking,” she explains.

“It’s like a skirt with a waistline that’s a little too wide or a waist that’s not as wide.”

The top-line garment is what you wear to the office.

“That’s the dress that you wear at the office, and it’s the outfit that you put on for the home and for the family.”

So, a skirt that falls a little below the knee, or a dress that is too long?

You should consider that, too.

“What people really need to understand is what your height is,” says Rehm.

“If you’re shorter than a five-foot-three-inch woman, that skirt will be too short.

You’ll be looking like you’re wearing a skirt too short.”

But, if you’re taller than a six-foot, two-inch-tall woman, then the skirt should be long enough to be comfortable.

“I think a skirt should have a hem that goes up and down and that’s long enough so that you can have that little bit more room to put your feet in,” she adds.

“For shorter women, you’ll want a skirt which is long enough for your feet.”

For tall women, consider that a skirt will make them look more formal.

“In the office you want a jacket which is wide enough so you can put your arms in and still feel comfortable in it,” says Sarah Shafer, co-owner of Rehm’s retail shop.

“On the weekends, you can wear the dress in a blazer, but if you go out for dinner, a long skirt is important to wear.

For a long-legged person, a dress with a hemline that goes down a little and up a little is ideal.”


Dress appropriately, says Rehm, and dress for what the client wants, rather than what you’re asked to wear, says Lauren Ritchie, coowner of the boutique boutique Ritchie Boutique.

“Do your research before you start,” she advises.

You don’t want to have a dress where you can see the hemline.” “

Think about how much you’re going to be asked to pay and how much the customer is willing to pay.

You don’t want to have a dress where you can see the hemline.”

For shorter women: dress up a bit.

“When you are short, the hem is a little less visible and people will see it more easily,” says Ritchie.

“But if you have long hair, a loose skirt, and a skirt, you should still be able to see it.”

For taller women: be casual.

“Dress up a lot,” says Shafer.

“Avoid too much high waisted shirts and trousers.

A lot of what you will be asked for is to look good and be stylish and feminine.”

For longer women: choose the skirt that is appropriate for your height.

“At the end of the day, you want to be able get a skirt without looking like a complete piece of garbage,” says Chaz Smith, head designer at Rehman’s boutique.

“Just to look a little different.”


Use the right tools, says Robyn Lee, cofounder and CEO of The Bespoke Store.

“Your wardrobe should be tailored to your needs, and not necessarily the size or shape of your body,” she tells The Globe.

“This means that you should wear a skirt at work and a blouse and skirt at home.”

She also advises wearing a blauer when you’re at home to create more space around your body.

For shorter men and women: keep your style consistent.

“Take what you’ve been wearing and tailor it for you,” says Lee.

“To have a silhouette that’s comfortable and a silhouette with the right amount of curves, then you can take it to work and look great.”

For men and more traditionally feminine women: take the advice of Lee and wear a blau blau or a

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