Which are the best fashion shops in Halifax?

The Halifax fashion community has come together for an annual costume contest that takes place each year.

The contest is a fundraiser for the city’s local charities and the costumes can range from casual wear to full-on dress ups.

And it’s a fun time to be a costume wearer.

“It’s really important for the charities that we have that we get people to donate to them,” said Sarah Waddell.

“It’s fun for the volunteers, it’s fun to be there, it makes you feel good.

It’s also very helpful to the city, especially when you can go to events like the annual fashion show.”

The event, which took place this year in front of the Halifax Convention Centre, is one of the largest costume contests in Canada.

There are more than 600 entries this year.

It was designed to benefit the citys homeless, homeless veterans, and local charities.

The first winner was a Nova Scotia resident.

“We were just overwhelmed,” said Waddel.

“The costumes were beautiful.

They were very simple.

It made the whole experience a little bit easier.”

Some of the costumes worn at this year’s costume contest.

“They were all made from donated materials and they were very, very cool,” said Laura M.C.H.W.A.S.

H, a Halifax clothing retailer.

“I really appreciate the effort that goes into making it.”

M.C.-H.H.-A.A., a Halifax fashion designer, said her costumes are designed to be wearable, easy to wear, and comfortable.

“You can wear it in a day,” said M.S.-H.-M.A.-M., “and you can wear a suit for the next day, too.”

Some costumes are very simple and easy to make, said M.-H-M.-A.-H., like a skirt that goes up over the shoulders, or a dress that comes in a variety of colors.

“Some of our dresses are simple, but you can do things like this to your own designs,” she said.

“If you want to do something a little more elaborate, you can really go crazy with it.”

This year’s winners are chosen by the Halifax Fashion Board, which also administers the costume contest, which takes place on the fourth Saturday of every month in the Halifax Shopping Centre.

They are selected by the board based on the following criteria: Costume design, appropriateness of the costume, ability to wear the costume comfortably, and accessibility of the event.

Waddell said the costume designers are really inspired by the diversity of the city and the work that goes on in the community.

“There are many different costumes that we can do and it’s really interesting to see different people and different styles of clothing that they’re creating,” she explained.

“That’s the real beauty of it.”

“It was really fun,” said Melissa M.P.

A, who owns M.M.P.-A., which sells casual clothes and accessories.

“When we’re out shopping or in our home, we have to make sure that we make sure there’s something that we look forward to wearing.

It helps us be more creative.”

Mackenzie W.S., who owns the local clothing store, said the competition is great for the community and helps charities.

“Everyone has something different to wear and to give back,” she told CBC News.

“And it’s great to see that we all have something to give to the community.”

“If you’re looking for something a bit more unique than a simple white shirt or black skirt, or something that’s a little something different than a traditional black skirt and white shirt, I think you’re going to be disappointed,” said Amanda W.C., who runs the local fashion store, Blackheart’s.

“But we all know that Halifax has a rich history, and so we want to help our community and help our guests that are looking for that sparkle in a skirt or a black shirt.”

This is a photo from the competition.

“A lot of our people are veterans and people that have had some type of trauma, and that’s why they wear their costumes,” said Mackenzie W.-S.

“As a veteran myself, I’m looking forward to the day that we’re going back to Halifax, and we’re able to go back to the clothes shop and see how we can create something a lot more interesting for people.”

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