‘Wear a suit to a sewing spa: the case for the men’s suits’

A selection of the suits made by fashion designer Paul Smith are being made available to help women find a good fit for their wardrobe.

The suits are the latest product from the designer, who is selling a range of suits, shoes and accessories under the name Paul Smith Clothing.

The products include suits, dress shirts, jackets, trousers, shoes, gloves, earrings, necklaces and necklacing bracelets.

Some of the items include a black shirt with red stitching, a white shirt with yellow stitching, and a blue jacket with black stitching.

Paul Smith Clothing is selling the collection at a suggested retail price of €50 and will be available on the website for a limited time.

It is a collection that will be popular with women as they are looking for something to wear for a special occasion or in a casual setting.

It will also appeal to men as they want to give their wardrobe a boost.

Paul said he wanted the collection to be a “gift” for men, and wanted women to have the opportunity to choose from his suits.

“If you’re looking for a suit that’s a little bit sporty, a little more formal, a bit of a gentlemanly suit, or a suit where the suit’s just something to put on a dress, I think Paul Smith is a great one to go with,” he said.

Paul’s suits will be made in a range that will include casual trousers, a black suit with a dark red stitching pattern and a grey suit with red stripes.

Paul will also make a range for women with a red jacket with a yellow stitching pattern.

A range of handbags are also being offered in the collection.

Paul says he wanted to offer a range which would be affordable for women.

“The range I’ve been working on with Paul Smith, and with our new partner, LVMH, is a range made for women that’s tailored to fit both the needs of men and women,” he explained.

“I wanted to have a range in which you can get a suit and the handbag and have it in one place.

It will be a very affordable option for both men and ladies.”

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