How to make your own t-shirts for your office

T-shirts are often used to make formal wear or for a social occasion.

In India, you can make your very own tshirt by sewing a fabric in your favorite colours, using a few basic stitches.

Here are some tips for making a t-shirt.

First, choose your fabric.

You can find a wide variety of fabrics online.

You should find something that fits well.

In this case, a cotton shirt would work best.

You might also find a cotton or linen shirt in a size that fits comfortably.

If you’re making a small, light shirt, you might want to make the t-stripes longer and shorter than the body.

If your fabric is very stretchy, make sure it fits well and that it won’t get dirty.

You may also need to trim the fabric to fit your t-shape.

Next, make a collar.

You’ll need to make a long strip of fabric about three inches long, about three times the length of your body.

Make a circle around the neck and wrap the fabric around the collar.

Sew a second seam along the top edge of the shirt to attach the shirt.

The next seam should be near the front of the neck.

Make sure the collar fits snugly, then attach the collar to the shirt by pulling the tautest edge of one side.

If the shirt is too tight, it can be pulled away from the body by the body, which can cause discomfort.

When you are finished, fold the shirt over the collar and attach the other side of the collar, making sure it doesn’t pull.

Next sew on a zipper, as pictured below.

This helps to keep the shirt’s front close to the body and prevents it from moving around.

The zipper is also useful if you are sewing to a larger size, which means you can keep your shirts size and fit.

Attach the zipper to the back of the front neck.

If this is a smaller size, you may want to trim it a bit to make it more comfortable.

The other side should be about a quarter of the way up the back, but should still fit comfortably.

If you’re sewing on a larger-size shirt, make the neck a little narrower to make sure that it fits snug.

You will also need a pocket.

Attach a zipper to both sides of the back neck, as shown below.

Make sure the button is secure, as it makes it easy to zip up the shirt, and it also protects the neck from wrinkling.

You don’t want it to get caught in the sleeves of the sleeve, so make sure you zip it up before sewing it on.

Attach buttons to both front and back of shirt.

If there are buttons that overlap, you’ll need a second zipper.

Sew the second button to the other front side of shirt, making a neat double-sided button.

Make the zipper a little longer than the shirt itself.

Next, sew a seam in the front edge of your shirt, as illustrated below.

This is a good time to attach a second shirt sleeve.

You do not need to sew it all the way down the shirt (you can always sew it to the bottom), but the seam should stay tucked in and the buttons will slide in snugly.

The button should not pull on the sleeve of the jacket, but you can pull it out when it’s ready to wear.

Attach button sleeves to the front and side of your shirts.

Make them a little larger than the front.

They are a little tight to fit inside, so you can stretch the button sleeves a bit if you need to.

You can also use a zippered shirt, which you can see in the picture below.

A zipper will make the sleeves a little tighter.

Sew two buttons on the back and side, as in the illustration.

Sew both buttons to the side of each sleeve, making an open seam.

If they are not tight enough, make one extra button on each sleeve.

When the sleeves are finished with buttons, attach the back side of all the sleeves to your shirt.

Attach the collar buttons to your back, as well.

Attach all the buttons and collar to your front, as you can seen in the pictures below.

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