Why garment workers in Bangladesh are protesting

Workers at a garment factory in Bangladesh have taken to the streets in protest against rising working hours and the conditions they face, demanding a raise in their salaries.

More than 1,000 garment workers at the Dhaka-based Garment Works factory have been striking for two weeks, demanding better working conditions, better safety, better wages and more.

The workers have been on strike since May 21, after a local textile company said it would cut the wages of its female employees by 40% and reduce the number of female workers it employs.

The strike, which is also calling for a hike in the minimum wage, has been the most significant protest in the country’s garment industry in years.

The strikers say the wage cut is the result of the company’s refusal to pay the union.

The union says the workers’ demands are not valid.

A union official said that the strike has been taking place despite the fact that the company had set up a new headquarters in the city, where it has also set up its own garment manufacturing facilities.

“It is a matter of concern that the new company, Garment Industries Limited, has not been able to pay its workers the wage they have been demanding for years,” the official told the BBC.

“The workers at this factory have taken their fight to the street because they have not received any of the promised pay increases they have demanded for years.”

He added that the workers have not been paid for their work in the factory.

The Bangladeshi government says that the union has failed to pay workers the promised wages.

The government has said it will take action against the company if it fails to meet the workers demands.

The factory employs approximately 1,500 people, according to Reuters.

The company, which employs about 4,000 people, has said that it has set up an office in the capital, Dhaka, to further boost its factory operations.

The factory is currently producing clothing for a range of retailers, including Louis Vuitton, the US fashion house, and Adidas, the global sports company.

In a statement, the company said that “we will not be complacent with our workers” and that it will continue to invest in our factories and hire more.

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