What do the numbers mean for our clothes?

In a new survey of 1,000 UK fashion brands, a staggering 60% of consumers said they do not want to buy from brands that “do not represent the values” of the brand they own.

The survey of 500 consumers found that 78% said they are now aware of brands that are perceived as being “too political” or “too big-name”.

This was a figure that rose from last year when the same survey found only 20% of people felt they knew a brand that is not politically-correct. 

A further survey of 100 UK fashion retailers found that 40% of shoppers are “not in the mood” for brands that have been “bought out” by a bigger brand. 

More than a quarter of consumers surveyed believe brands that use “negative stereotypes” to promote themselves “are not being taken seriously”, a further 37% believe “political correctness has been too hard on brands”, and almost two thirds (64%) believe brands are not taking their business seriously. 

In addition, 40% said brands should “stop trying to make their brand unique and become a ‘family brand’, rather than a consumer brand”, and another 23% said that brands should not “try to sell their products in different ways to others”. 

These findings suggest that the UK has the highest levels of “political conservatism” in the world.

But it’s not all bad news.

In fact, a majority of consumers are more positive about the way brands are now perceived. 

Overall, 42% of respondents said they would recommend a brand if they were “thinking about buying” it, while 56% would recommend buying it “for the first time”, with just 9% saying they would not recommend buying.

And 40% would “consider buying” a brand “just because of how it’s perceived”, compared to 25% who would “reconsider” buying the brand.

A quarter of respondents (23%) would “do something to get rid of the negative brand image”, while just over half (54%) would do “something to increase the brand image”. 

The poll also found that a third of consumers would recommend “keeping a few old brands in the family”, with 18% recommending “keeping one or two brand brands in a family”.

As we previously reported, a growing number of British brands are being bought out by bigger brands.

The new survey shows that more than half of UK consumers (52%) say they would be more likely to recommend a UK brand if a larger brand were still in business.

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