‘Diversity’ for US military: Soldiers on base as ‘a test’

US military members are wearing their uniforms in a test to make sure they’re still diverse, rather than just “the ones from the white house”.

The US military is using the same uniform for every combat deployment, but this time it’s on a special basis for soldiers from the US Army and Air Force.

The new uniform will be worn by soldiers from three different units of the armed forces, and it will be used for a few months before it is retired.

“The new uniforms will help soldiers reflect the diversity of the troops who deploy with them, and give them an opportunity to show off their personal style, and their personal traits,” said Maj Gen Jeffrey Davis, a spokesman for the Army.

“We’re looking to bring people in who are not traditionally associated with the uniform, who have not been the ones to wear it before, and we’re trying to help them get comfortable with it.”

Army soldiers will be wearing the uniforms, which are made from 100% cotton and made with a stretch fabric, to be worn on the same day that they are deployed.

The uniform, which is also used by the US Marine Corps, has become an important part of military culture, with a special event at Fort Campbell in Kentucky in April being held to mark the occasion.

The uniforms are designed to be “as versatile and flexible as possible”, and can be worn for as many hours as a soldier needs to get into the zone, said Lt Col Brian Saylor, a logistics officer in the USMC.

It will be the first time that soldiers from different units will wear the uniform together.

The Army says the uniform has been developed by the service to make it “more comfortable and less cumbersome” for soldiers, and to make uniform use more effective.

Singer-songwriter Justin Bieber is also one of the soldiers wearing the uniform on the special day.

A number of stars are participating in the special event, including country music star T.I., actor/comedian Billy Bob Thornton, singer-songwriters Jennifer Lopez and Tame Impala, and singer-actress Jessica Biel.

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