T-shirts made in Bangladesh with child labor

In Bangladesh, children are forced to work in garment factories, making shirts for the state and retail chains. 

The garment factories employ child laborers as domestic help, but the child laborers are often abused by employers, according to the World Bank, which has documented some cases of child labor.

The Bangladeshi government has stepped up its enforcement of child labour laws and has banned some foreign companies from using Bangladesh for business purposes, but a growing number of children have found work on garment-making projects.

In the past, the garment industry has had strict labor standards, and there was little oversight of the workers’ conditions, said Samira Siddiqui, director of the Center for Worker Solidarity and Development.

Children are paid only the minimum wage for each day they work, and the minimum working day is one hour.

According to Siddiquin, children working in the garment factories are often paid less than their male counterparts.

The minimum wage is about $2 per day, and some workers receive no pay at all, she said.

For children, working in a factory has a number of disadvantages.

“They work on their feet, they have to sit in a small space, and they have no choice about where they sit.

The clothing is made with plastic and wool, and most of the garments have holes in them,” said Siddiquis daughter, Fatima.”

It’s not comfortable, it’s dirty and they can get sick.”

The Bangladesh government has a tough stance on child labor, and many workers are working for their employers, not their families, according the World Food Program.

The World Food program reported that Bangladesh had the second highest rate of child laborers among the 178 countries it analyzed in the 2014 World Food Survey.

Child labor can be hazardous and can cause physical and psychological damage to children, according a 2013 report from the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

One Bangladesi mother told the Associated Press that she had been forced to take her children to a factory and work for the family’s clothing company.

“They would bring me out to a corner where the clothes were laid and take my children there.

I used to cry.

I cried for days.

I said, ‘Please don’t do this to me,'” she said, adding that she would be forced to sell her children in order to pay for clothing for the company.

Many garment workers are employed as domestic helpers, sometimes for up to four years.

As a result, workers often work long hours without pay and little rest.

“The garment industry needs to be reformed so that workers can live and work safely,” said Samir Khan, the World Health Organization’s Under-Secretary-General for Health.

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