The first thing to know about the new uniforms that will be worn by the Chicago Bears for the first time

The Chicago Bears will wear uniforms that are made from uniform fabric, a new uniform design that the team says has been a top priority for the team and its players.

The uniforms will be introduced during the team’s game against the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

They will be the first new uniforms for the Bears since they adopted the new uniform uniforms for last season.

“We are thrilled to be the official home of the uniform that the Bears will be wearing for the next 10 years,” Bears President Mark Dantonio said in a statement.

“The uniforms we are about to wear today are just the beginning.”

The uniforms are inspired by the team, which has adopted an all-black uniform and has worn it since the 1970s.

The team’s logo is printed on the front and the back of the jersey, as well as on the chest, shoulders, sleeves and collar.

The pants, shorts and shoes are also black.

The design was designed by Chicago-based brand Patons and will be produced by the Patons Design Group.

Patons is a Chicago-area company that makes apparel for athletes.

Patons and the Bears were in talks about creating the uniforms for a number of years, but the discussions didn’t come to fruition until the team signed the contract to wear them.

They are the only NFL team to wear the new designs, according to the Bears.

Chicago-based apparel brand Patones will be designing the new Bears uniforms.

Patones is a New York-based company that specializes in fashion and design, including sportswear.

The new uniforms are designed by Patons’ design team.

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