When did the Southeastern Conference become the new SEC?

The College Football Playoff, which began in the SEC in 2004, will not be named the league’s national championship.

The SEC will instead be the College Football Championship, which will be awarded to the champion of the conference based on the conference standings.

The conference will also be awarded two conference championship games per year.

The league is also expected to field a new television network, FOX, which has been looking to expand its footprint in the United States.

The new league has made it clear it is not interested in rebranding itself as the Big 12.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive, however, said he is “interested” in doing so.

“We’re a very diverse league,” Slive said.

“You’re going to have people in every conference who are going to be interested in being part of it.”

SEC commissioner Chris Del Conte, however said he has been “not at all” interested in the league being rebranded.

The College Bowl title game will take place in Pasadena, California, but the conference will not play in the Big Ten.

It will be named after the Pac-12 Conference, the conference’s second-oldest and the current title holder.

The Pac-10 and the ACC are expected to host the first two championship games in 2021.

The NCAA and SEC are expected also to have championship games each in 2021, with the Big East Conference and the Big West Conference hosting a game each.

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