Sweaty Sweatshop Employees Get Worked Up Over New Uniforms

It’s been almost a month since the new NBA uniforms were introduced, and now it seems that some of the players are getting some help.

After some players were photographed wearing new jerseys, many are getting work done to make sure they’re in the right places for games and practice.

The NBA has been working on their uniforms since February, so it’s been quite a while since the first season of the uniforms was released.

While some players have worn them for practice and scrimmages, most of the team is wearing them now.

Some players have even been getting work from their teams’ front office to make them look more professional.

As of right now, the new uniforms are being worn in the Miami Heat’s preseason games.

It’s not clear whether players are wearing them at home or on the road.

Here’s a look at the new uniform: Miami Heat Uniform: Miami Heat Team Uniform #2A First Edition Official Colorway Miami Heat Miami Heat – 1-2-0 Miami NBA Uniforms OfficialColorway#2A#MiamiHeat

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